Message from the President

Message from the President

Large size plane emission send out soft light that has color reproducibility, even LED light.

Introduce our company


Our company invent , produce, and sell that special large size plane emission of light module for high power LED light.
Ordinary high power LED light is almost point emission of light beam. So surely that has point that people feel bright too much.
To Solve those problem, emission of light change to large size plane emission. And we try to invent Ra (the color reproducibility) more than 92 for long said it difficult for LED. But we can make it.
We success to invent special emission agent .That is including special diffusing agent and emission element. From that reason we success to invent plane emission of light module.
Also, We have done to invent special module that LED light save blue light as much as Our company’s product solve the blue light problem.
From now on, We try hard to improve Ra (reproducibility) and we keep to challenge invent latest technology always.

Optical Tech, Co.,Ltd
Tatsumi Shioya