privacy policy

privacy policy

Approaches of personal information
Has become to be able to use the services of many of the pages in this site, everyone to use the site without having to disclose personal information (your name, e-mail address, address, phone number, age, etc.). However, you may be asked to provide personal information to everyone in the user by the service.
In that case, we will not pay close attention in order to respect the privacy of everyone, and to protect personal information.

· For collection of personal information
This site may, in order to offer better service to customers, e-mail delivery service surveys and, at the time of distribution of materials, etc., to collect your personal information in the required range. If you want to gather, and is done by limiting the purpose as much as possible. Range of personal information to be collected, and should not exceed the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of the collection. You can also order to collect, can be done with lawful and fair means. This site is, when you collect from you other than your personal information, it shall obtain the consent of the customer.

· For management and protection of personal information
When this site to manage your personal information, place the management representative, as well as make the appropriate management, and strives to prevent leakage to the outside. In addition, loss or unauthorized access from outside, destruction, for the risk of falsification, implement safety measures of level appropriate and reasonable, and strive to protect your personal information.
This site, for access to the database, etc. pertaining to personal information, and to limit those who have access and manage strictly unauthorized use so that it does not also made in-house.

· For the use of personal information
The use of personal information that this site has collected, only to the extent necessary for the accomplishment of the purpose of collection, so as not to cause a loss of your rights, make full consideration.
You may want to send it by way of e-mail, and other information you think that if you fail to provide personal information, from this site, and some interested. If You do not wish to information delivery of these, if you can connect to this site, stop the delivery of information.

· For provision of personal information
This site does not have to be disclosed or provided to third parties of subcontractors other than without the consent of your own, your personal information. However, if you are prompted to disclosure by law, or if you are asked to disclosure from public institutions court, such as the police, you may want to disclose or provide personal information without the consent of your own.

· Correction, etc. and disclosure of personal information
This site, when there is the offer of disclosure of personal information of its own customers, it may cause a significant adverse effect on the performance of the business of this site, certain or likely to harm the interests life of the individual, body, property, other With the exception of the case, it will disclose to you without delay.
When there correction of personal information about themselves, and deletion of Personal customers, this site is responsible for the investigation without delay. In this case, when there are grounds for requiring correction, deletion, do correct or delete without delay.

· About the use of cookies
You may want to use a “cookie” Customers who visit this site to receive the service more convenient. A “cookie” text file that is sent from the server to the PC within your when customers use the site is (symbol). Recognizing the personal computer of the user by the “cookie” when you visit the site again by this, so that you can receive a more convenient service delivery. May want to use “cookie” to customers can receive service of this site in a more comfortable environment, you do not have to use for any other purpose on this site.
In addition, personally identifiable information is not included in this site will send a “cookie”. Customers can be selected by setting your browser whether or not to accept the “cookie”. Without receiving a “cookie”, it is possible to browse the contents of most of this site, but you may inconvenience is caused to function in some services. In addition, with regard sent from the site other than the site in this “cookie”, and not under the control of us.

And review
With regard to the handling of your personal information, review the appropriate content of each item, and we will continue to improve.

· Contact Us
For inquiries about your personal information, we accept e-mail.